How to write a Job Description

A job description should be concise, clear and simply state what the job is in detail. It should include basic information that a potential employee should know before starting the job. Such as:

  • Job Title
  • Job Summary
  • Department/Location of the position
  • Key responsibilities
  • Job Requirements
  • Salary Range & Benefits
  • Contact Information

Job Title – Develop a title for the vacant position that accurately reflects the type of work the employee will perform (for example, receptionist, cashier, accounts clerk, etc). Be sure that the job title also reflects your organization’s culture.

Job Summary – This describes the general nature, level, purpose, and objective of the job. It serves as a broad introduction to the job, and should be about three or four sentences in length.

Department/Location of the positionInclude details on who the person would report to and where that person falls within the company’s structure.

Key responsibilities – List the primary functions of the job. Generally, this includes approximately 7 to 10 responsibilities. This section should be formatted as a list in order of importance, explaining the duties and responsibilities expected to be performed in the position.

Job RequirementsThis section is where you list out the minimum knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes that are required to perform the job. Be sure to write the qualifications for the position you need, not the person who may currently be in the position.

Job Requirements would include:

  • Education – Minimum level of degree the job position requires such as high school diploma, associate/bachelor’s degree etc. If you are willing to substitute years of experience for education, state specifically how many years of related experience is an acceptable substitute for a degree or certification.
  • Experience – Minimum level of industry experience or directly related job experience required, such as three to five years of supervisory experience, five years project management experiences in the financial services industry.
  • Special skills – Other competencies or skills necessary to perform the job such as languages spoken and computer software capabilities.
  • Certifications State if there is a preference for candidates who have a certification related to the field.

Salary Range & Benefits – This section can be used to attract candidates. State the position’s salary range, benefits or job development opportunities such as training or travel.

Contact Information Include contact information so that potential applicants can apply and ask questions.

The job description should give a clear explanation of each of the factors mentioned above so candidates can determine whether or not they are qualified to apply for the position, as well as whether it appeals to their work preferences and requirements.

Your job description should be reviewed and approved by the hiring manager or human resources before it is advertised. Also, it is advisable that the job description is stored in a central location for periodic reviews and a signed copy placed in an employee’s personnel file for review and revision at appraisal time.

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