Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to use




Q. Is fusionposts a free service to Employers?

A: It is only free to create an account and Company Profile.  There is a charge for job postings. See Job Posting Packages.

Q: How do I change my email address?

A: Your email address cannot be changed; an e-mail request will have to be sent to fusionposts administrator to change it for you. Select Contact Us navigation tab on the top of the page. You’ll be linked to a new window ‘Give Your Suggestions’. Enter the first name, last name and email address you use for your fusionposts account. In the Comments/Feedback’ box – enter a detailed explanation of your request, i.e. – Kindly change my email address to

Q: How do I update my Profile?

A: First, log in to your fusionposts account. Then select Edit Personal Profile under the Member Account table at the left hand side of the page. Then enter the information you want to update. Select the Update tab to complete the request.

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